Silkroad - Skill Points (SP). As you know the skills are the basis for distributing skill points. We win them differently even years ago there was no monster killing which is recommended in the group. Note that many values are interpolated because I do not have data for it. Follow steps 1 to 3 for creating a party. Keep this in mind when planning your character. To farm efficiently, you need a 9 level gap between your character level and your highest mastery. Therefore, you can reduce it to level 10 since Cheolsam requires a skill level of Once you have done this, you now know how much SP you need to farm — the rest is about getting them as fast as possible. This value is much less important however and is used only for extrapolation purposes. If you are someone with a lot of patience, skill farming early can mean an easier time down the road where you have your skill mastery equal to your character level, thus sp farming may be your thing. Дмитрийты хоть сам видешь что пишешь? If you are new to the game then you should be told not to farm seriously at level 16, it puts many new players off the game because it is long, boring, frustrating and incredibly repetitive… But serious players often do it, why is that? These values are made up. It just shows the effects of increasing or decreasing your skill mastery by a single level. This is described in the next section. I hope to keep this an evolving article with the contributions of everyone on the forum. I recommend going up to level 19 at least once so that you can add HP or Int to your character. Now that you have got your SoX bow it is time to start farming — the harder you can hit bandit archers the faster it will be and the less people will want to try to KS you. Any additional data you can contribute would be greatly appreciated.

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Сражайся с нечистью, тренируй дракона и стань величайшим героем!18+. Divide this number by and we will get the number of skill points we get at each level. What does the table above mean? Note that although the level cap is currently 70, there may be plans to raise this level cap. The amount of patience you have 3. So that means regardless of the mob you kill, you will get the same ratio of sxp and xp per kill. I hope to expand this guide and modify it as needed for everyone with FAQs and other findings. Life can be good sometimes. This value is much less important however and is used only for extrapolation purposes. The yellow bar fills up every points 2. Skill point farming often refers to having a skill mastery gap of at a low level killing over and over again to obtain many skill points. Deleveling — losing experience While you are farming with a nine level gap between your character level and your highest mastery level you get a lot of skill experience points and a bit of experience points. In order to reduce your Heuksal mastery to 0, you need to remove the Cheolsam mastery first. There are three main factors that determine what skill mastery gap you need and how much skill point farming you need to do.

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1 Shummies Guide to Skill Points. 2 Background Information. 1. Skill point requirements. 2. Skill mastery cap.  Navigation menu. Personal tools. Log in. Namespaces. Silkroad.

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Андрей, Уважаемый, ты вообще видел когда написан мой коммент и когда ты ответил!! The magic number appears to be k by level How many skill points do I need for my build and given that I know, what skill mastery do I need. To a small effect it is the extra sxp that you gain per kill, but to a much much greater effect, it is the reduced amount of experience you get per kill. You have 10 levels in Heuksal, 15 levels in cold, and 25 levels in force. Parties are ranked by that number, so if you are looking for a party number they start low on page 1 and get higher as you move on to the next page.

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If you want to get all your skills quickly then perhaps leaving a gap of 1 or 2 and not skill farming may be the most fun for you. Users browsing this forum: Mana is the blue bar, you use mana to use a spell or a skill. Так что не читайте между строк, а внимательно весь текст целиком!!!!. This rule breaks down when you fight mobs who are much lower level than you due to how rounding works in this game. Before you start farming, it is advised to develop two masteries, fire and bow Pacheon to level 7. So you are farming alone, and you would like the benefit of a party? Earlier I talked about skill mastery gaps, but what does this really mean? Getting started Okay, you have a new character and you want to do some farming before leveling up. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Skill points can be earned by killing monsters. They are used to learn various skills through the Skill Menu. They are shown in the yellow bar above the green Experience bar. Ad blocker interference detected!.

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Перевод скиллов. Silkroad Online 12 окт в   Если Вы настолько знаток в Силке, то Вам бы как и мне не нужен был переводчик скилов! You get a bit more every time someone joins, and you get the maximum bonus with 4 members. It puts everything on a relative basis. I will have a table up for this soon and will edit this to include the link. But what causes this? It normally takes you 2 shots to score the kill — try and hit the archers only once before moving on as fast as possible to the next one.

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Silkroad-R - Skill Point Guide When you hunt a monster, you will get skill experiecne other than experience in order to get skill points. Using skill points. Once that is done, you should have this window. Okay, you have a new character and you want to do some farming before leveling up. In order to determine the amount of skill points needed to level up a skill, take the required mastery level, add one, then look it up on the table. There are many ways to do it, here is how I do it. You need a friend with the resurrection skill at level 1 you get only a little HP and exp back and preferably with the harmony skills to. You get maximum bonus when the party is full, so try to keep your party as full as possible. Skill mastery cap There is a fixed cap of a total of mastery levels. There are other more detailed articles on skill farming that this article is not intended to address at this point. In a experience distribution party, [your gold ticket is active and it also doubles the party bonus your get. If you have any other questions, please post it or give me a pm. No gt or monkey, 2 shot kills and grabbing drops:

Silkroad Online Forums - A free forum for all people who play Silkroad Online. Come discuss characters and skills, or find a Silkroad Online guild.  Post subject: A complete guide to skill points. Earlier I talked about skill mastery gaps, but what does this really mean? You can then either invite somebody buy clicking on him and inviting him to the party or else you can join the party match system, by doing that you will be publicizing your party to the whole server — so that is what I recommend. First of all, the thing you want to know is how many SP will you be getting in how much time. Поясните переводчик для чего? This is an alternative to SP farming, albeit a bit slower and annoying since you need to go out and die to reduce your XP to increase the amount of SP you gain at each level. There are other more detailed articles on skill farming that this article is not intended to address at this point. If you farm bandit archers for three hours a day, expect a SoX drop about every two or three days, so keep your eyes out for those special treasure boxes! Better in the long run because while Ctrl is pressed you cannot use your inventory. In addition to needing the potion, each skill you remove will also cost a significant amount of gold. Карта сайта Смотрите также: